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Living Water Cover Return Cover
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Living Water: Dave McIntosh

Living Water Cover

1. Freely
2. Living Water
3. Help Me, Lord
4. In My Love
5. God Keep Me
6. Get on Board
7. False Prophet
8. Lifetime Road
9. Wounded Bird
10. Alicia
11. Just a Glimpse Away

Living Water: 
Listen to Living Water

Hurriedly a woman passes through the streets
Tries to hide her eyes from everyone she meets
"If I can make this fast, I’ll be back home at last
Where I can hide my sorrow, until tomorrow,
Then another day’s task.."

There is someone standing, waiting at the well
And there is something very different, she can tell
Unexpectedly, the stranger speaks
"I’ll give you living water, living water
If you follow Me.."

Jesus will give you living water
Springing up to everlasting life
Call on His name, you’ll never thirst again
Believe (receive) and you’ll never die

"If you knew the gift that I bring
And if you knew with whom you speak
you’d have asked of Him, and He’d have given
You living water, life giving water
That flows within.."

As He told her of her life and all her deeds,
She said’ "Sir you are a prophet, I perceive
The Messiah we seek, all truth He’ll speak
He’ll give us life" Jesus replied
"I am He"

Help Me Lord:
Listen to Help Me Lord

I feel like a stranger in a foreign land
Lookin’ for the right path to follow
Guess I need to find a guiding hand
And there’s only One, I know
I’ve been seeking for peace of mind
Haven’t found it on my own
But tonight I feel it’s finally time
And I’m on my way back home

Help me, help me, help me, Lord
I’ve got to face the truth
I’m not runnin’ anymore
I lift my eyes to You

It’s been so long that I’ve walked alone
In this land of broken dreams
Drifting with no solid ground to stand on
A truth on which our souls can lean
Through the darkness of my confusion
There is now a ray of light
I’ve been told of an invitation
It’s a hope I’m runnin’ to tonight

Help me, help me, help me, Lord
Take away my sin
Cleanse my heart and make it Yours
I want to start again

All of my life I’ve stayed away
Now I turn to face You
You know my thoughts, You see my ways
And I can’t hide them from You
Now my heart I open wide
And I’m no longer alone
You will always be my guide
Until the day You take Your family home

Thank You, thank You, thank You, Lord
My search is at an end
I give my life to You, Lord
And I know You’re my friend

In My Love:
Listen to In My Love

Take my hand and go with Me
I have chosen you
Cling to me and never leave
I’ll be faithful and true

Fear not, all that I’ve got is yours
The tears in your eyes I want to dry
Let’s begin, leave behind your sin
And we’ll go on together, you and I

Let me fill your empty life..

I’ve been waiting for so long
To give you the love of my heart
Now you’re here where you belong
May we never be apart

Let me now grow close to you
What else do I ask of you?
Your heart’s desire you will find
As you are all of mine

You know it’s time to settle down
There’s so much joy that can be found
So listen now and hear my plea
Share your life with me

One day... for you I died
Someday... you’ll be my bride
That day... never will end

Take my hand and go with me
Nothing more can I give
So much more you will receive
If in my love you will live
If in my love you will live
In my love, you will live

God Keep Me:
Listen to God Keep Me

God keep me from lookin’ at the things of sin
Got to guard my heart and the thoughts within
Keep me true as I watch and pray
Keep my mind stayed upon You every day
Now Satan’s like a roaring lion after my soul
But I’ve got him on the run with the Spirit’s sword
Gonna stand in the freedom the Lord gave me
And continue to live abundantly

‘Cause Jesus freed me from all of them
And now I’m goin’ to heaven
I’m not gonna go back again
So I never want to look at the things of sin

God keep me from lookin’ at the things of sin
Don’t even want to get close to what will do me in
I’ve come too far to turn back now
And I’m havin’ a better time anyhow

Lord, I want to please You in all I do
Make my life be holy like You want it to
Your blood’s too precious to waste for sure
And I don’t want to grieve You anymore

Get on Board:
Listen to Get on Board

There’s another flood coming
Better get on board, better get on board
When it does, it’ll be sudden
Get on board, children, get on board

In ancient times, all mankind lived wickedly
They filled their hearts with evil thoughts, and sinned continually
Hatred, lust, and bloodshed, when God had had enough, He said,
"I never should’ve made man, I’m gonna’ start over again."

Noah found mercy ‘cause he walked with the Lord
He warned the people to change their ways, but he was ignored
God told Noah, "Build an ark, take your kin and get in thar!
You have been My only friend, we’re startin’ all over again!"

One morning with no warning the sky began to pour
They knocked and knocked upon the ark, but God had shut the door
There was no doubt, this was the end, now at last they did repent!
But it was too late for them, will you be the same, my friend?

The time is near for men to fear, for He shall come again
To take His people out o’ here before His wrath begins
In the ark of Jesus you are safe, get on board before He takes
His faithful ones to heaven and starts all over again

False Prophet:
Listen to False Prophet

Many are they who proclaim My name
In the midst of the sanctuary
Some I say have lips of praise
But their heart is far from Me

Like children they are let away
By masters of deception
But it’s getting late so you’d better wake
Or face the reward of rejection

Oh, beware the false prophet
Who comes to you in a cloak of wool
He deceives the naive who believe he’s of Me
But behind the disguise lies the wolf

Many claim to know Me
But do you listen to My voice?
Is he a shepherd or a thief
Do you know how to make the choice?

Just look at the people worshiping men
See the blind lead the blind
He tells them what they want to hear
And they can’t tell truth from lies

Jesus warned the believers
Guard against deceivers
By their fruits shall ye know them
So look beyond what seems to be
How does he live behind the scenes?

Can’t you read the prophesy?
Misleaders now are many
They tear the flock that God has bought
For power and for money
So get into the Word, the truth
Discover right and wrong
Try the ones you listen to
And know where they’re coming from

Lifetime Road:
Listen to Lifetime Road

I’m traveling a lifetime road like the saints of old
My destination is the city of gold
No worldly treasure, no earthly paradise
My eyes are fixed upon the prize

As time goes flyin’ by there is less and less
Time now to put off sin and laziness
Only the narrow road will lead us into life
Ans soon we’ll see Jesus Christ

My life’s become a real adventure, that’s for sure
There’s no way to measure, it’s so much better than before
I’ve found the treasure that I was searching for
Now I walk with the Lord
On the road that leads to life forevermore

He’s given us eternal life and a place prepared
Wrote down directions to lead us there
Study the scriptures, they keep us on the way
As we pass through this world each day

To those who need us let us lend our hand
Gather more travelers to the promised land
Never look back, but look ahead and seek His face
Let’s show endurance in this race

My life’s become a real adventure, that’s for sure
There’s no way to measure, it’s so much better than before
You’ll find the treasure that you are searching for
When you walk with the lord
On the road that leads to life forevermore

Wounded Bird:
Listen to Wounded Bird

Wounded bird, helpless on the ground
Hungry eyes watching, without a sound
A broken wing seals his destiny
Desperately in pain he tries to fly
Trying to regain his life in the sky
And as all hope begins to end
He feels a force lifting him

Little bit at a time, I’m risin’
Little bit at a time, I’m flyin’
Soarin’ up with the One I love
To the life He’s told me of
In His might I’m really tryin’
Leavin’ behind a life of cryin’
I can feel the healin’
Your will revealin’

As he falls back to the earth again
Strength revives, he has felt the wind
The hand of love still lifts him up
Try after try he starts to climb
A little bit higher every time
And soon he’ll go on to his place
This home in the sky’s embrace

Wounded bird, helpless on the ground
You don’t have to die, there is life to be found
There’s healing in His wings
So let Him heal you deep inside
You’ll stop running and learn to fly
And after living in His love
He’ll take you to your home above

Listen to Alicia

Just yesterday we said "Good bye"
We didn’t know it’d be for such a long time
Your life was brief and full of pain
But where you are, you’ll never cry again

No more tears for you, Alicia
You’ve awakened in Jesus’ arms
Your struggling is through, Alicia,
So wait for us, we’ll be there with you (coming soon)

Not long ago you came to know
The One who gives us all His love
Your wounded heart was being healed
And now your joy no one can steal

So many hungry hearts
Just like yours, Alicia.
Oh may we lead them to the truth
So they can find Him, just like you

No more tears for you, Alicia
We love you, we love you
Oh let us find all those Alicias
Take their hand, and love them too

Just a Glimpse Away:
Listen to Just a Glimpse Away

Heaven was just a glimpse away
You were almost at the gate
How could you turn back to
Those unchristian ways?
You turned your back on Me
For more important things
The day came suddenly
You’ve lost eternity

Forevermore My joy rewards the wise
No tears are in their eyes
But yours will never dry
You’ve let the chance slip by

The faithful now are safe at home
Rejoicing ‘round the throne
You’re weeping all alone
You’re reaping what you’ve sown

And I saw the dead, small and great
And a book was read, on the judgement day
Those who were not found written down
Were cast into a fiery lake...

Time after time I called you out from your sin
All the things you had your pleasure in
Now you can see, the record’s clear
At every stage, my voice you shunned to hear
Though you mourn and weep, there is no retreat
Now we must part eternally

In the city of the Son
The feast has just begun
But you can’t hear their song
You've waited just too long

There God shall dwell with men
And they will reign with Him
But those who lived in sin
Will never enter in

And I saw the saved, the bride of Christ
On that wedding day, adorned in white
Those who’ve overcome, their battles won
Now take the prize, eternal life


Return: Dave McIntosh

Return Cover

1. Perfect Place
2. Lonely Boy
3. Everything I Need
4. Dedicate
5. Return
6. Star Spangled Banner/America
7. Battle Hymn of the Republic/Dixie
8. America the Beautiful
9. The Marines Hymn, Anchors Aweigh, Off We Go into the Wild Blue Yonder, Caissons Go Rolling Along
10. God of Our Fathers 

Perfect Place:
Listen to Perfect Place

I was fishin' with the net just the other day
When I found a web site about real estate
You tell em what you want in your perfect place
Hit "enter" and find that blissful state
So I said how I wanted peace and rest
A simple joy and a life that’s blessed
Adventure every day in a wholesome way
And treasure that none can take away

(I need a) low crime rate, low taxation
A pleasant climate, and recreation
A home of our own, clean air and water,
There’s so much to do and see (it’s a joy to go outside)
The perfect place for you and me (The perfect place for you and I)

I was checkin’ out the magazine’s annual list
Of the ten best places for me to live
Somehow in spite of their expertise
None of those places appealed to me
Then I noticed how last year’s favorite town
Was number 200 this time around
I guess a lot of folks moved there as advised
And ruined that nice place overnight...

He has prepared a place, Jesus is the Way,
Come, ye wand’ring weary, He’ll not turn you away.

I’ve been reading in the Book of Jesus Christ
There’s a perfect place in the By and By
Where you and I will never die
And everything will finally be just right
There’ll be no more sickness, pain or death,
No more searching cause we’ve found the best
So wherever I may live this life,
I’ll set my sights on Heaven’s lights..

There’ll be no crime rate, no taxation
A heavenly climate, and re-creation
A home of our own, the crystal sea, (the river of life)
And life eternally, (there is joy on the other side)
The perfect place for you and me (you and I)

Lonely Boy:
Listen to Lonely Boy

A lonely boy wanders in the night,
His heart is longing, his life is a fight
Something’s missing, don’t know what it is
Searching for the happy life he’d live
Day by day doing what he must
A stranger to everyone, who can he trust?
Slowly starving for the love he needs
But never finds the purpose that he seeks.

It’s a fearful sight when you look inside
There’s (it’s) a void that shows, if you care to know
You’re designed to be in His family
There is just one door, that is sure, go through Christ the Lord

They tell him Jesus is the Way, the Life
He glimpses a light at the edge of his sight
Bound by fear, and desire to control
In darkness, the only home he knows
Know the Truth, Truth will set you free
That is what I need, he thinks, sure sounds good to me
Deep inside he knows the Lord is calling to him
What will I be, if I let Him in?

Decision’s made, and the time’s at hand
He stops running, turns around and faces Jesus man to man
Finding his forgiveness he leaves the past behind,
And pledges to this new life that he finds
Suddenly there is joy and peace
Something really happened, he has found what he needs
Loneliness is in the past, true friends come his way
And the Bible never ceases to amaze

Do not fear His light, there’s no need to hide
Just say "Yes" to Him, your new life begins
Yes, He knows and sees, He has (is) what you need
Meet your Maker, son, the Only One, and your search is done

Another boy wanders in the night..

Everything I Need:
Listen to Everything I Need

He lifts me up when I have fallen down
Gives me strength when I am weak
And should I stumble He helps me to my feet
He gives me everything I need
He gives me hope, when all hope seems gone
Gives me joy and inner peace
And when the waves get rough He calms the stormy sea
He gives me everything I need

We all search for help in times of trouble
Help is there if you know where to go
I sang, "Jesus loves me" as a child
"This I know the Bible tells me so..."

He leads His sheep, when they have gone astray
Guides me when I’ve lost my way
And when I’m bound He breaks the chains and sets me free
He gives me everything I need
He gives me love,  fills my heart and soul
Water and the air I breathe
And in the dark He shines a light so I can see
He gives me everything I need

In this life we all look for a meaning
In the end it all comes down to Love
I sang "Jesus loves me" as a child
Now I praise and worship Him above

Listen to Dedicate

We dedicate this time to You, and all we want to do
Is give you a pleasing offering this day
We want to worship only You, in Spirit and in truth
Our sacrifice of praise, our love to You we raise
The fruit of our lips we bless Your Holy Name

We are weary of the struggle in this world of heaviness
And we yearn to find Your place of rest in holiness
You invite us to come boldly to Your throne of graciousness
Where those who labor will find favor
Our souls will be refreshed

Jesus, be blessed
We hunger and we thirst for Your righteousness
We love You, oh make us to
Continually give praise and seek Your holy face

We renounce any pretense, we are here for only You
O Lord be pleased with what You see and all we do
Let us love You with our whole heart, with our soul and strength and mind
We love You, Jesus, take this time
In Your presence we will shine!

We dedicate our lives to You, and all we want to do
Is give You a pleasing offering each day
We want to worship only You, by walking in the truth
To leave behind our shame, obedience our aim
The fruit of works that glorify Your Name

Listen to Return

A light among the nations, the lady holds it high
Built on this foundation our God our trust, our might
The Fathers in their wisdom prayed that we would see
The people that forsake Him would kill their liberty

Circuit-riding preachers holding forth the light
Preached Christ unto the people, their Way, their Truth, their Life
In every trial victory, through conflict she grew strong
The song is heard through history, His Truth is marching on

Return, my countrymen, to the Rock of Age
Restore, oh citizens, through His saving grace
Repent, my brethren, you will find the Way
And one by one, day by day, the nation can be saved

The wicked growing richer by selling Satan’s tools
Of lust and greed and pleasure to multitudes of fools
Growing mind pollution on movies and TV
Don’t let them teach your children, they model what they see

Politicians, lawyers, judges perverting all the rules
You can kill your baby, but you cannot pray in school
The family is broken, we reject His laws
Prisons overflowing, and we wonder what’s the cause

Return, America, to the Rock of Age
Restore, America, through His saving grace
Repent, America, you will find your Way
And as we tell, and as we pray, the nation can be saved

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